The Good, the Bad and the Snugly

The Snugly is Betty Sue, our camper van which will be our home for the next five weeks – or at least it will be once we stop taking advantage of our friends’ hospitality. 

The Bad is definitely the person who cloned our credit card whilst we were still in England and proceeded to draw dobs of cash from our account while we were in Hong Kong. Thankfully we spotted it quickly and Visa were able to cancel the card and refund our losses (but not the cost of all the phone calls back to Blighty to clear the mess up). We are still trying to work out how the person managed to draw cash from reputable banks in Fulham and Balham based only on a signature!

The Good are undoubtedly the various friends (all with at least thirty years history in our lives) who have extended generous hospitality to us on our travels, first in Hong Kong and now in New Zealand. They have provided a bridge into what is to become our new life of travelling with no fixed agenda. 

In truth there is a comfort in living life according to a timetable set by work and the expectations of others.  It provides a boundary within which you operate and defines the extent to which you can be a free operator.  Even holidays are a bounded activity to a degree because at the end you have to return to your normal routine and to the demands of life in general, and that ever-present thought determines what you can afford to do. 

To be honest I am struggling to come to terms with the idea that we are not on holiday, although the last few weeks have been more akin to a holiday as we have simply fallen in with our friends ‘ comforting timetables. 

Suddenly we are facing an unbounded existence, which at the moment feels a bit scary!  Up to now we have been only playing with the idea, but that is about to change.  On Thursday we will finally launch ourselves off into ‘deeper water’ when the friends we are sharing holiday accommodation with leave us to our own devices and the ‘handrail’ of a shared timetable that we have been grimly clinging onto will no longer be there.  Scary, but nice too (I think)!

For those who only read these blogs to see the pictures, here are some bits from our time in Hong Kong. 

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17 Comments on “The Good, the Bad and the Snugly”

  1. Looking good rents. Make sure you pump that front tyre up before you travel far though!
    Travelling with no purpose other than to see what you want, when you want will quickly become just fun rather than fun and scary…one of the few things you can learn from our Generation Y or are we X?! I can never remember!

  2. Loving that even as 2 people that know how to do life well God still has so much to show you 🙂 enjoy your routine free existence! X

  3. Oh happy memories! So the
    scaffolding is coming down and you will both embrace new learning and adventures! So exciting! Would love to join you! Enjoy the north island!

  4. how fantastic…. glad cloned card is sorted in time for the travels….

    enjoy every moment of the adventure…. 🙂

  5. Seems you are having a great time. I’m glad.

    Sorry to learn that some crook tried to defraud your credit cards; that’s a horrible thought but you seem to have put that behind you. Good on you.

    Looking forward to the next exciting episode of your blog.

  6. Loving the pictures. Enjoy stage 2 – the journey with no boundaries……

    And also was concerned about those tyres – so glad all under control 🙂

    Have also recently discovered that signatures are not checked by banks – so glad you have spotted ad sorted the problem quickly.


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